Yelowsoft introduces major modifications in their pricing schema

Over the years, we have solved numerous challenges and issues faced by our clients by providing them with effective quick fixes in the form of feature updates in our taxi booking solution.

Solving all these issues made us aware of the problems that many taxi firms face. One of such problems was the pricing schema. Pricing is an important element of a taxi business. It helps the company to define the algorithm for their prices.
The pricing schema is of various types. Different companies use different pricing schema depending upon various factors like their revenue model, geography, demographics, fleet size, and many more.
We also saw that many taxi companies who were in their startup stage had chosen a particular pricing schema. However, once they expanded their business they had to make massive modifications in their pricing structure which posed a huge challenge as the existing taxi booking solution wasn’t able to accommodate those changes.
To address this issue, Yelowsoft decided to update its pricing schema. Let’s see how.
To understand this, it’s important to know about the previous pricing schema of Yelowsoft. Our previous pricing schema consisted of three types of pricing.
  • Normal pricing
  • Surge pricing
  • Zone pricing
Let’s have a look at each type along with the new updates introduced by Yelowsoft.

Original Source : Yelowsoft introduces major modifications in their pricing schema

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