Yelowsoft introduces automated driver payment settlement

Time and time again Yelowsoft has come up with various updates which make our product better than before. At Yelowsoft, we are always looking to improve our products as per our clients’ requirement. Continuing the same tradition, we came up with yet another product update in the form of driver payment settlement.

So, the first question is what exactly is driver payment settlement? To answer this it’s important to understand that the taxi business is very complex in nature due to the presence of a large number of drivers, riders, vehicles, and many other components.
Even more complex is the management of the billing, invoice, and payment of all drivers. To accomplish this herculean task, taxi companies require the help of the automated driver settlement solution that can track the payments, generate an invoice, and settle all kind of payments with utmost accuracy. To achieve these many taxi businesses integrate third-party billing systems into their taxi dispatch solution.
Many of the Yelowsoft’s clients were also facing problems when it came to billing and payment settlements. Considering all this, Yelowsoft decided to have its own in-built driver payment settlement feature. Now, let’s see how it works.

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