Yelowsoft introduces an all-in-one Super App

We at Yelowsoft believe in the mantra of indulging in continuous introspection and improvement to achieve perfection. Years of experience have made us realize that to remain relevant and future proof in a fickle and chaotic market; you must reinvent yourself from time to time. This is the reason why we have come up with so many changes and updates in our solutions over the years.

Continuing that tradition, this time we have come up with a mega-update in the form a Super App

Yelowsoft has finally come with its own Super App which enables our client to offer multiple services from the same platform. Before we talk about Super App, let’s understand what Super App actually is?

What is a Super App?

Super App can also be termed as an umbrella app which consists of many apps within. It’s an operating system that sets you free from the tyranny of apps. Super App enables customers to access a number of diverse services from the same app.

Chinese giants WeChat and AliPay popularized the concept of Super App. Today, there are many other big names like GojekGrabClickToGoMomo, and MyCar who have successfully adopted the formula of Super app.

Many experts also believe that Super Apps are the future as our world is becoming a global village with a rising number of internet users across the globe. With Super Apps, companies can fulfil consumers’ increasing demands from the same platform. Furthermore, Super App also enables these companies in diversification where they can expand beyond one industry vertical.



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