Yelowsoft delivers Super App to its Mexican client Click To Go


Click To Go is an advanced platform that bridges driving partners and users with the help of a mobile application. Click To Go offers top-notch ride-hailing services. Its application also offers its drivers with detailed reports and insights like income earned, hours travelled, kilometres travelled, etc.

Click To Go leverages precision of technology along with the support of trained personnel to offer a reliable and safe service to its users via their intelligent interface that enables their drivers, sellers, and users to interact effectively.

Apart from ride-hailing services, Click To Go also enables users to order items from the supermarket, instant food deliveries from the restaurants and many more. Click To Go has become a saviour for drivers who are looking to earn some extra money as it provides them with several users who wants to ride around or wants food to be delivered to their doorsteps.

The ride-hailing market in Mexico has increased in the recent past similar to other countries of the Latin America region. If we look at the stats then according to Statista, the total amount of revenue in the ride-hailing industry is estimated to reach US$2,464m in 2020.

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