World of Warcraft Classic Nostalgic Player Guide

World of Warcraft Classic Nostalgic Player Guide



At the end of August, the official officially opened the World of Warcraft nostalgia, now read the following information, will be very helpful to the novices.


What is the classic nostalgia of World of Warcraft?


“World of Warcraft” classic nostalgia is a faithful reproduction of the original “World of Warcraft” experience in 2006, everything in the game – battle mechanism, classic character model, talent tree, map layout, and interaction with other players can bring you Come to the real original experience.


You need to choose a server, there are many types of servers. Make sure you choose the same server as your friend, because in the classic nostalgia of World of Warcraft, only the characters of the same server can be teamed up!




Server type


The official game team has multiple types of servers for players to choose from. Be careful when you make your choice, because each server has a unique style of play. FFWOW is one of the best choices for the WOW series, so it’s a trusted website to help you save WOW Classic Gold and save a lot of time. Fast delivery, low price is the reason you choose. Players are welcomed to click on the website to purchase Vanilla WOW Gold.


PVE – This type of server is suitable for players who do not want to participate in the Open World PvP. All the maps in the game are in the “contention” state, except for the main city of the enemy camp, in which all players will automatically open PvP. Players on this type of server that are in the “contention” map cannot attack each other unless both parties open PvP or enter command/PvP.

PvP—This type of server can be used to open PvP on all maps, except for specific “safe areas,” such as maps where novice players are born.

RP—This type of server is suitable for players who want to play role-playing with others. Such servers use the rules of a generic type of server and do not have an open world PvP.

RP&PvP—These types of servers are suitable for role-playing players who like PvP server rules, and you can play against them in the “contention” area.

WOW Classic Gold

The above four servers are all options, and players should choose the one that suits them best.

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