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Data Center/ AI Stories You Might Have Missed Last Year| Telehouse America


The rapid progress of artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting the global data center industry in multiple ways. Colocation service providers are looking at ways to use artificial intelligence for energy efficiency, server optimization, security, automation, and infrastructure management. Read more.

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Telehouse Introduces Data Center Robotics

Data Center Colocation facility and services by Telehouse

The term “robot” translates in Czech to “hard work” or “drudgery.” With advances in technology, data center colocation services include robotics as part of specialized applications that reduce human labor. Primarily, data center colocation providers deploy robotics to enhance efficiency. Continue reading

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Algorithms: Smart Yet Slightly Frightening

In smart cities, as well as data center and colocation facilities, algorithms play a critical role. Algorithms are the reason computer operating systems exist and, therefore, the World Wide Web and Google. For a colocation provider, algorithms make it possible to provide customers a safe and reliable service. Continue reading

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Data Center/ AI Stories You Might Have Missed Last Year

As an owner of data centers in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and other prominent global locations, Telehouse is interested in the advancement of AI in the global data center space. Here are some stories that captured our attention last year. We think these stories will have far-reaching impact.  Continue reading

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6 Things to know about Data Centers and Artificial Intelligence


The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) exists for a long time. Data centers are not immune from the charms of Artificla Intelligence.  Read more.

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