Why Opt to Big Berkey Water Filter?

Why Opt to Big Berkey Water Filter?

Aside from air, each and every household is in need of a clean and safe drinking water in order to survive healthily. Well, in fact UN have reported that there are almost 800 million citizens do not have access to potable water and due to climate change this problem is getting worse. Poor quality and dirty water causes transmissible disease such as amoebiasis, cholera, typhoid, dysentery and diarrhea. In this regard, trouble-free access to safe and clean potable water could lead families to new and healthy way of living.

Water filter system offers you and your family the safest access to clean water. The company provides portable and indoor water for home and office usage. Berkey water filter varies in size and capacity, the bigger the system; the more cartridges could be put inside that would speed up the process of filtration. Berkey filter has been assessed by an EPA approved laboratory and surpasses the NSF/ANSI Standard 53. Berkey is known to raise the standard in drinking water filtration system industry as it could filter water pathogens without the help of UV light. Usually, UV light kills bacteria causing diseases from water. Most diseases that could arise from contaminated water are caused by the following pathogens: salmonella, e.coli, choliforms, s.flexneri, shigella and many more. Berkey water filter system guarantees that all these pathogens are eliminated greater than 99.9% and could be backed-up by the EPA approved laboratory certificate.

Berkey is proud to introduce a no pipes filter system feature as it uses a natural gravity dependent filters which makes it portable and easy to install. It could be set up in offices and houses anywhere and anytime. 

The water is cleansed using a microporous filter called Black Berkey. It is made of pores less than two (2) nanometer in diameter which removes bacteria like viruses and pathogens from the water. This filter focuses on absorbing arsenic, fluoride and other heavy metal ions which is unhealthy when consumed. Drinking water filtration system offered by Berkey is considered one of the best in removing fluoride from the water. Also, if we are to compare the berkey filter system to other commercially available water filters, it does not require frequent changing of filters and it last longer than the others. It is suggested to replace the filter every two years.

One of the best things that a Berkey could offer is it does not require any use of electricity unlike the other filtration system. It is a great deal for everyone to save up some cost from the monthly bills. How it is possible? Well, as mentioned earlier the berkey filter cleansed the water by osmosis using natural earth gravitational force. A stainless steel cylindrical container houses the berkey filters, and on top of it you fill the tank up with water right from your sink. As per Berkey users, the annual cost of maintaining the water filter would be around $80 per year.  This cost is pretty small in return of having safe and healthy water for your family at all times.


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