Which Factor Differentiates a Pack of Regular Cigarettes from an E-Cigarette

E-cigarettes and the regular ones have different identities in the market. Even the packages of these items are not the same. Although e-cigarette boxes and that of regular ones are mostly made up of cardboard material, they have numerous dissimilarities that create the individuality of the packages. Still, it is not easy to find the right difference between these two types of packages for a common person. The following are some of the most important factors that can be noted to figure out the things that are not common between these two types of packages.

Designs are dissimilar

Choosing the right design for the packages is a matter of great importance for the manufacturers and suppliers. This is because if the design is not appropriate according to the product, you may face numerous problems. As the E-cigarettes, the regular ones are not the same; the designs of these packages are also different according to their requirements. Regular cigarettes are mostly given a flip-top design that can be easily folded by the consumer to open the balls and take out the cigarette. However, this type of design is considered to be old fashioned for electronic cigarettes. These items are mostly packed in sleeve packaging or shoulder boxes that are well known for their unique and premium looks.

Color scheme varies

Some people think that the color scheme of the boxes does not matter at all. This concept is entirely false because the colors of the boxes have great importance in attracting the right customers. Therefore, themes are made different depending upon the requirements of the products. The color scheme of regular tobacco items and that of electronic ones are not kept the same. You will find regular cigarettes with common themes. Only a few of them are given unique color schemes. However, you can find numerous e cigarette packages that come with a luxurious theme. The color is mostly given a dark shade that enhances the luxuriousness of the products. Moreover, the quality difference in color printing can also be seen.

Presence and absence of die-cut windows

Companies always try to illustrate their modern products so that they can enhance their sales. This is the reason; we find numerously designed die-cut windows on e cigarette boxes. These windows fascinate many people with their unique looks and urge them to buy your product. The transparent PVC lamination on these windows also protects the items from dust, dirt, and humidity. As these cigarettes are considered to be safe, they are displayed appropriately on the shelves of retail stores. On the other hand, companies mostly avoid adding die-cut windows on regular cigarette boxes. This is because these products are not suitable for the health of people, so the companies do not showcase them much.

Insertions are different

Inserting suitable material in the packages can provide extra protection to the products. Considering this fact, appropriate things are also inserted in cigarette and e-cigarette packages. However, the insertions in both packages are not the same. This is because they should also justify the product that they are enclosing. For regular cigarettes, an additional paper wrap is inserted in the boxes to protect the items in them from being damaged. On the other hand, some luxurious insertions are added to the boxes of e-cigarettes. This is because these insertions do protect not only the expensive products but also enhance their visibility. Hence, they can draw the attention of the elite class that can have a positive impact on your business.

Printing is not the same

Printing suitable graphics and text on the product packaging is a matter of great importance for the manufacturers and suppliers. This is because they can attract many people this way. However, the printing style of the packages is not the same for all products. As an example, simple graphics are mostly added to the packages of regular cigarettes. This is because these products are highly cheap, and paying a high price for their printing cannot be profitable. On the other hand, the high costs of e-cigarettes compel you to add premium illustrations on their that can fascinate the people of the elite class.

We know that e-cigarettes and the regular ones have emerged in the market as different products. You can easily find out the disability in the designs of these two types of packages. The color scheme and printing styles of these boxes also illustrate the difference between them. E cigarette boxes mostly contained die-cut windows, while regular cigarettes usually do not contain them. Moreover, the worst city in the insertion of these boxes also illustrates the difference between them.

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