What is there for In-fight Entertainment via United Airlines Reservations?

United Airlines Reservations offers various types of inflight entertainment on its flights. Travelers flying through United can find out which entertainment options will be provided on their flight by checking the Flight Status information for their flight on the United website. Services on Inflight entertainment will vary according to the aircraft and the ticket fare class. On United Flights, stay entertained throughout your journey.

• United offers a range of popular TV shows on its flights including popular classic comedies such as Friends, Modern Family, and Will and Grace as well as contemporary dramas.
• Find the right film to fit your tastes with United’s wide collection of movies. From cult classics to new releases, United has something to fit every taste.
• With a large selection of Disney films, there’s no need to worry about bored children with excellent movies on your United Flights.

Through United Airlines Reservations, enjoy all the opportunities to make your journey entertaining and exciting.

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