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skirting board
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If your board runs over a shallow area where

posted by wallbases2018 on Jun 08, 2018
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 There are other, more sedentary sea creatures that can also cause discomfort, disorientation or injury. They are less likely to strike and are harder to provoke, but contact can be painful or even lethal.

  Portuguese Man-o'-War, jellyfish and similar species are probably the most common problem for surfers. The longer the animal is in contact, the more toxin you can receive.

  Stingrays wall base are less common in most areas, but occur in some surfing locations. Remove any stinger as quickly as possible.

  If you come in contact, try to remove the gelatin as quickly as possible. At a certain dosage, the toxin will cause pain in the lymph glands, usually under the armpits. Most of the sealife you encounter is less deadly, but much more common and some can still inflict painful injuries. Some should be avoided whenever possible. The sting injects a painful toxin by means of a stinger with a barb at the end.


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