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How to align the tip of the key HU64 when using Condor Mini?

posted by vvdishop on Sep 04, 2018
tags: Condor XC-Mini Condor Mini
Q: Need some help cutting HU64.Today I’ve got my Mini Condor key cutting machine.How to align the tip of the key? condor-xc-mini-hu64   A: Put on a glove if you can’t tighten it with bare hand. Problem solved. The Jaw was not assembled wrong from factory. I open it and put it as it should be.   Q: What is the difference between HU64, 64-2, 64-3 and 64T? A: M2 tighten HU64 key blank no problem. HU64, HU64-2, HU64-3 the distance from key tip to first bitting is different(580,450,380)1mm=100.such as Mercedes HU64 because different country with different HU64 types, so Xhorse added 3 types from all customers.so for add spare key, when decode key customer can check the probe detection points whether at proper position.one more thing, we usually try HU64-3 first, in China mostly select HU64-2 for Mercedes. hu64-3   The distance from the tip of the key, to the last cut.If you are not sure which one to choose, just go for the Hu64-3.   www.vvdishop.com   http://blog.vvdishop.com/cut-key-hu64-using-condor-xc-mini/
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