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Basic Rules & Regulations Volleyball

Every team of the implements required for the players include shoes, jerseys and shorts. This game used the ball for has a boundary of approximately 26 inches and weight of about 10 ounces. At time of a starting of the match than both teams rotates after its serve in a clockwise direction.

When the ball is on a team’s side, that team can hit the ball one, two and three times, while an opposite side player can hit the ball just once. A team member cannot carry or use his palm for passing the ball to the opposite team. The team players of the opposing team can change their positions for attacking, after serving. In each set of the match, a maximum of 12 exchanges are allowed. As the best volleyball exporter in Meerut. Let’s know the best five rules in volleyball game.

Court: The international competitive volleyball court measures 59 feet long by 29.6 feet wide. Volleyball court is divided into two equal sides, in the middle line runs under the net.

An assault line runs 9 feet, 10 inches behind the net on one side of the court. Basically this court   attack line divides the front and the back zones.

The net measures 8 feet, 11 5/8 inches tall for standard men’s competition and 7 feet, 4 1/8 inches tall for standard women’s competition, we are looking to the USA Volleyball and International confederation of Volleyball rule books.

Players: Starting of match than both teams must have six players on the court to begin play. Both team players follow the proper rules and regulation order through each set.

Players rotate between six positions on the court, including three back-row positions behind the attack line and three front-row positions in front of the attack line. Right time a team gains the right to serve; its players must go around one position clockwise.

Once the server contacts the ball, players can move out of their go around positions to play the point. Players are standing in a back-row position must not attack the ball above the net and in front of the assault line.

Serve: A player should serve the ball by standing behind the end line of his side of the court, and while serving the ball. He should be visible to the opposing team.

The opposing team always cannot block or attack the serve. The server should serve the ball in this sort of manner (underhand or overhand) that it reaches the other side of the court without touching the net.

There are a number of methods to serve the ball, which includes top spin, jump float, hybrid service, sky ball serve, besides others.

Play: Players rotate on the court after every “side out” (when team wins ball after the opponent’s serve) – therefore new player goes to serve after every “side out”.

Front Row and Back Row Players

Three of the players are front row players. Other three players are back row players. Back row players can’t spike/attack or block the ball inside 10-foot or 3 meter line.

Scoring: The approach used for scoring in the sport of volleyball is ‘rally scoring’. A rally starts whilst the ball is served, and is a continuous passing of the ball from one player to another without the ball touching the ground. Thus, in rally scoring, a point is scored when the ball hits the ground.

The group that wins the rally receives the threat to serve. The team that reaches 25 points first, with a difference of as a minimum 2 factors, wins the set. Usually, five sets are played during a volleyball match, and the ‘satisfactory of 3’rule applies.


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