Types of massages, such as thai, therapeutic, honey and vacuum massages

There are several types of massage, such as thai, therapeutic, honey and vacuum massages.

  • Thai massage

Stretching, flexing – extending the body, pulling and stretching. Normalization of pressure, pericardium. Recovery of all vital forces. This massage helps to restore flexibility to the patient and make his tendons more elastic, and also helps maintain flexibility.

Thai massage is used for the treatment of many diseases, but is especially effective for low back and joint pain, stagnation in the extremities, as well as for osteochondrosis of various parts of the spine, helps to strengthen the posture. This type of massage is very useful for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and suffer from forced hypodynamia. Restores blood circulation in the extremities.

  • Therapeutic – preventive

Restores work and improves circulation of internal organs and skin, soothes and relaxes the body. Very useful in the postoperative period: healing of wounds, dead spots, fractures. It is also recommended for apathy and depression. Improves mood and overall condition of the body.

It promotes metabolism, has a warming effect, burns fatty tissue capsules, and its contents are mixed with tissue fluid and excreted from the body. Restores skin elasticity, prevents the deposition of salts and is a good peeling. In addition, the effect of honey massage irritates the skin’s formulation and improves muscle tone, as well as improves blood and lymph circulation, thereby eliminating stagnation and increasing immunity. Honey massage is also a good anti-cellulite remedy. Honey massage is indicated for such diseases as:
– Osteochondrosis; Myositis; Neuralgia; Radiculitis; Sciatica; Reduced immunity; Cold.

  • Vacuum massage

The abdomen, legs and buttocks are the effect of the vacuum element (latex jar) on the subcutaneous fat of the abdomen, legs and buttocks in order to eliminate the edema of the vascular wall and to normalize blood circulation. Vacuum massage stimulates the activity of the muscles, as well as activates the synthesis of proteins, elastin and collagen, improves lymphatic drainage.

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