Top 3 Canada PR Benefits that you ought to Know

With the recent slew of Express entry draws pulling in a stream of migrants in Canada, no wonder it has become a focal hub for many aspirants who wish to start a new and fulfilling life in an overseas destination. After all, the country holds a box of surprises for permanent resident holders who have the intention of permanently settling and working in a country that provides them with bright career possibilities.

Along with this you just cannot miss the long-term Canada PR benefits that come along with permanent residency. Economically progressive and a country that is blessed with naturally abundant resources right from tall snowy mountains, lush forest cover along with a urbane outlook and thriving business environment, is what makes the immigrant friendly country such a popular choice among migrants when it comes to looking for a safe haven for themselves and their families.

If your question is how to immigrate to Canada, then there is no need to worry as there is not one but multiple pathways that help you attain permanent residency. Canada Express entry program is one of the swiftest and famous routes that people opt, while thinking of Canada Immigration, as it expertly manages three other economic class immigration programs namely the Federal Skilled Worker Program Federal Skilled Trades Program and the Canadian Experience Class.

The only major criteria are to secure a minimum of 67 points or above on the Comprehensive Ranking system. Being a high scoring applicant automatically increases your chances of receiving an Invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

Check Your Eligibility

If not this, then you always have the provincial nominee program by your side, with major Canadian provinces nominating individuals based on whether their chosen occupation falls in their updated list of relevant occupations. This list is released as per the local labor requirements of that province. And if you have an express entry profile, and apply via any of the Canadian PNPs, then you will be able to get an extra 600 CRS points, thereby fixing your Canada PR visa berth.

Speaking about the Canada PR benefits, here are the Top 3 benefits that make a Canada PR worth your time:

  1. Free universal education till the age of 18 in public funded schools. University education and tuition fees is subsidized. You get primary and secondary school education, up till the time you get a high school diploma from Canada.
  2. Universal free healthcare facilities, as the country provides excellent world class health amenities without spending a dime from your pocket. After all you will now be a beneficiary of Canada’s state-of-the-art services and facilities.
  3. Diverse and booming market for employment opportunities, with an unemployment rate at its record low, makes the Canadian job replete with amazing career possibilities for immigrants.

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