“Tom Jones” Book Reviews

Henry Fielding’s novel, “Tom Jones” was written in 1745 and was first published in 1749 by Andrew Millar.  The story is about the life of the title character from infancy through his marriage to Sophia Western. “Tom Jones” book reviews discuss the story’s plot, author, characters, symbolism, and themes.

“Tom Jones” book reviews should begin with a brief plot summary of the story highlighting the story’s tone, setting, major conflict, climax, rising and falling action. Next, “Tom Jones” book reviews should discuss the life, work, and achievements of the author, Henry Fielding, an English novelist and dramatist known for his humor and satirical expertise.  “Tom Jones” book reviews should then explain that the book falls under the genre of epic comic romance. The main characters of the story including Tom Jones, Sophia Western, Squire Allworthy, Mrs. Bridget Allworthy-Blifil, Captain Blifil, Master Blifil, Benjamin Partridge, Mrs. Jenny Jones-Waters, Molly Seagrim, Mr. Thwackum, Mr. Square and Black George Seagrim should also be described and analyzed in “Tom Jones” book reviews. In addition, “Tom Jones” book reviews should examine the themes found in the story such as the themes about virtue, vice, art and deception. Finally, “Tom Jones” book reviews should explain the symbols found in the story such as Sophia’s muff, which represents the closeness of Sophia and Jones despite their distance.

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