Tips on How to Find the Best Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are a traumatic event that can leave you with severe physical, emotional, and financial hardships. Fortunately, the Denver car accident lawyers at Lapham Law Firm are here to ensure you won’t have to face this alone. As the victim of a car accident, you shouldn’t have to foot the bill for another driver’s negligence. Our experienced car accident attorneys will work tirelessly on your case. Because your health and wellbeing are essential to us, we will only be paid if we win your case. 


Things that can happen as a result of a car accident are increased medical expenses, loss of work, and emotional trauma. In most cases, hiring a highly rated attorney is essential, so you receive proper compensation from the insurance company for any additional expenses arising from the accident. There are many things that need to be considered by car accident victims when they decide to involve a personal injury attorney to increase the chance of finding in the client’s favor. 


Expert tips from a Denver personal injury lawyer are provided below on how to find an attorney.


Seek recommendations from family and friends.


Personal connections like family, friends, and neighbors are great places to start when researching law firms. They will tell you if a lawyer they know can handle your accident needs and concerns. If they’ve had a similar or related experience, they should be able to recommend the lawyer who helped them. 


If no one you know has been in that situation, all is not lost. See if they’ve heard of any websites or business groups that can help you narrow down your choices or at least point you in the right direction. You could even ask the doctor who is treating you whether they recommend a particular attorney.


Check online for testimonials.


Another way of identifying a good personal injury attorney is to check their respective law firm websites or reputable review sites. You can start by googling “personal injury attorneys near me” or using super lawyers to search for a reputable law firm.  Testimonials from their previous clients should inspire confidence in their abilities. If that’s not the case, you should continue looking. 


Sometimes the design of their website will be a dead giveaway that this is not the attorney for you. If they don’t take pride in their outward-facing representation, they are less likely to put the needed effort into your case. Also, if client testimonials aren’t readily available, you might want to rethink your choice.  


Once you complete your research and find a lawyer whose clients have good feedback about their services, it’s up to you to decide if this is the right lawyer for you. Reach out to that lawyer right away and set up an initial consultation. Time is often not on your side when it comes to personal injury.


Make the most in the initial consultation.


In many cases, the injury lawyer will provide a free consultation when they first meet with a prospective client. Here, they will ask questions about their client’s current situation. This is designed to get all needed information regarding the type of case, whether it is strictly a car accident case or could be designated as a personal injury case or involves a wrongful death. Once they’ve determined what they are dealing with, they can move ahead with getting what their clients are entitled to from the auto accident. 


It is important that the lawyer you choose to handle your case is a good fit. Consulting with different lawyers allows the client to have a better idea of which attorney they feel will help them through the process despite any possible complications. You must also be comfortable with the lawyer you choose so you can communicate your needs and issues effectively. 


Inquire about previous cases they handled.


Not all lawyers are qualified to deal with car crashes and insurance-related cases. Asking questions that relate to your accident will give you a better idea about their experience trying cases like yours. You want to be sure that your lawyer of choice is well versed in litigating personal injury lawsuits. 


While you’re assessing car accident lawyers during the first consultation, ask them about their past cases involving the same or similar situations. Inquire about their previous cases to get a good idea about their success record in winning similar cases. 


You can compare your choice of attorney with this firm of Denver personal injury attorneys who have an excellent record. 


Discuss expectations with the lawyer.   


Every client has a different way of communicating their needs and expectations. Find out what your options are when you first meet with a lawyer. Once you settle on a preferred method, you can begin to send information to your attorney.


When you choose the lawyer you think is right for you and your case, you can discuss your expectations. They will then inform you about what additional information they need from you and if there is anything else you need to do. This is something that should be done as early as the initial consultation time. 


Your attorney must always be informed when you receive correspondence from the offender’s lawyer or insurance company and if there are changes to your health status or additional issues that relate to the case your lawyer needs to know. They will not be able to represent you fully if they don’t have the latest information on your pain and suffering.


When looking for personal injury lawyers in Denver, you need not look any further than Lapham Law Firm. We are dedicated to our clients and will fight for them through every step of the process. If you need a team in your corner, call us at 303.815.1587.


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