This Business Idea Actually Works For 2020

We could abundantly hear people saying, “Soon i gonna be an entrepreneur or quicky i have to kickoff my own startup” But does everyone is making their words ? One fourth of the people do decide to chase their dreams and very few among them reaches the success chair. Also i have seen people who will be in big dilema like should i start now or later when time arrives. 


I wonder what makes people get hesitated, But the truth is business is not that easy to take decision just like on the go. A decision taken by the entrepreneur can be a milestone in their path similarly can also demolish their own saga. Too much of endurance, honesty, decision making skills, perseverance, analytics, consistency and etc is demanded to be a triumpful entrepreneur.  uff ! So much.


Fine let’s dive into the idea. The suggestion im proposing here is not that easy but definitely a profit oriented and dare challenging. I am so much glad to give you a disclaimer before hand to save your precious time.  If you are interested about the attributes like Cryptocurrency, Digital money, Binance, Crypto Trading, Exchange Platform, Cryptocurrency exchange script  then you can follow this blog, else this blog is definitely not for you. Also ensure does your country is legal for this sector,


Crypto Exchange Platform :


Have you ever heard about the Crypto exchange platform or cryptocurrency trading ? 


Let’s precise about this first. 


The virtual currency like Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple have been used by many people and finding opportunity to buy cryptos and earn profit through trading these virtual currency. 

Yes ! By trading people are finding to earn profits.


Let’s consider a situation and assume Mr.John as a fellow. 


John is interested in Crypto trading, so he created an account in exchange platform like coinbase and purchased one crypto coin (let’s name it as BTC) through FIAT. Once he bought BTC, it gets stored it in the digital wallet of the exchange platform, and John keeps on monitoring the values of BTC, if he feels if the price of BTC is doubling the price he bought then if he wishes, he can sell the BTC in the same exchange platform and earn the double profit of the amount he invested. 


The price of the crypto may rise or fall, traders knowledge helps them to play in the trading. This is called Crypto Trading. 


I Am not hear to promote trading, the idea I suggest here is for every crypto exchange and trading, users are in need of a tightly secured exchange platform. So if you create an impregnable exchange platform then you can be a successor in crypto market. 


How Can I Earn Money :

  • Usually for depositing and signup the platform owners doesn’t charge from the user, so it’s up to you to decide to charge or not for depositing. 
  • Generally for trading 0.1% of cryptos gets paid. 
  • For every withdrawal from the site, users will pay service fees. 


Another one choice is Binance launch their own BNB coins in their platform and promote their coins and do earn this way too. 


To know this in details check the cryptocurrency exchange script or the Binance clone script


Most importantly here the script needs to be more secure and inviolable. Because when money involves there are multiple opportunities for breaches, and you have to take responsibility for this. So safety places a significant role here. 


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