Things Parents Need to Know About Kids Custom Eyeglasses

If you are a parent looking for eyeglasses for kids, visiting an optical store can be a confusing experience. While most parents are more concerned about what type of glasses their child should wear it’s important to know that manufacturers are making more frames especially for kids. Finding the appropriate kids’ eyeglasses frames depends mainly on whether they are the right size and style for your children. 

Check out some tips that will help you choose the custom eyeglasses your child will surely love and enjoy wearing.


  • Find out what thickness the lenses should be.


Seeking consultation from an optometrist should be the first step in considering the right kids’ glasses. Moreover, this will help you determine the right eyeglass frame for him.

If the prescribed lenses are likely to be thick, do not choose large frames because this will increase its thickness. Moreover, your child will be able to have a blurred or distorted peripheral vision because large frames for thick lenses result in more high-order aberrations located near the edge of the lens.


  • Opt for modern yet attractive styles.


Having an eyeglass that looks both attractive and stylish will surely be enjoyed by your kids. Also, they will prevent them from becoming less conscious of what they will look like with their glasses on. Moreover, a photochromic lens will help them love their glasses more because it helps them protect their eyes from sunlight. 


  • Choose between plastic or metal.


Most of the eyeglass frames for kids are from either plastic or metal, with styles inspired by adults. These designs will surely be loved by your child since there is always a part of him that is eager to look like a grown-up. 

When it comes to choosing between plastic or metal, plastics are the best choice especially in the past, because it’s practical to wear since it never gets easily broken, is lighter, and is bendable. But nowadays, eyeglass manufacturers are doing metal frames with the same features as the plastics have. However, it is always best to ask an optometrist who can best suit your child. If you know that he is sensitive to some substances, choose frames with hypoallergenic materials.


  • Consider what will fit their nose bridge. 


Another concern when it comes to choosing eyeglasses is that children’s noses are not yet fully developed, so there isn’t any support for the glasses from sliding down. While metal frames have adjustable nose pads to support it, it is better to check the frame to ensure it fits your child’s nose bridge. 


  • Consider the style of the temple.


Cable temples are the eyeglass part that wraps around the back of the ears, which prevents the glasses from sliding down or dropping to the child’s face. Basically, cable temples are made from metal frames and help keep the eyeglasses even on toddlers. Another option can be an eyeglass frame with an elastic strap that goes around the child’s head.

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