The most intelligent race in World of Warcraft part2

The most intelligent race in World of Warcraft part2



4: Forsaken


The most interesting thing about the Forsaken is not just who they are, but who they were. Sylvanas Windrunner used to be a great night elf. Nathanos Blightcaller is a human ranger. All the undead heroes have their own unknown stories and great achievements.


When the disaster army lost control in Sylvanas and many other undead servants, they regarded Lodron as their refuge, which is ironic because Lodron was once one of their greatest enemies – the Menethil dynasty The location.

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The dungeon is also one of the best places in the game, although in the classic World of Warcraft, Swanus looks like a night elf, but there are also high-level elves inons in the game. Great legend, yes, but early design still needs some well-prepared work. In the game, if players feel that the level is too difficult, WOW Classic Power Leveling will say your best helper, it can help you solve the current problem quickly.




5: High Elves


The number of high-level wizard NPCs in “Classic Warcraft” is very small, which is very strange considering that they are so common in Warcraft RTS games. They are magic users, pastors and healers against the Scourge in Alsace. Queen Sylvanas is actually a senior elf. The story of how she selflessly dedicated her life to save her people is one of the heritage of Azeroth.


The race introduced in the expansion of the Burning Crusade was adversely affected by changes in the blood elves. The blood elves and the high elves are the same race, and the remaining elves are still rarely called the high elves. Now, few elves claim to be high elves. In the retail version of World of Warcraft, you can find high elves in places like the Beast Island and the horrible Moore before the Cataclysm. Their number is scarce enough to not have enough people to make them a playable race.



6: Humans


Humans is a popular race, with some interesting heroes and quest lines, mainly because they have some great legends. One of the most shocking human monuments in Azeroth is the ruins of Lodren, which was facilitated by humans and remains embarrassing today. The story of the Ashbringer is also about human loyalty and betrayal. Khadgar and Medivh are both human masters. In the ongoing World of Warcraft story, another human mage, Jena Proudmoore, is one of the most important figures. .

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