The Best Ways to Increase your Presence on Instagram and Social Media

How do I get instafamous, and build my business revenue on social media? 

We are very often asked this question, by people around the globe.

Especially now, having a reputable and engaging profile on social media with real followers and likes is as important (and maybe more important) than ranking your website on the search engines. 

The most highlighted and preferred social media platforms include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

There are many ways to noticeably increase your presence on Instagram, and add hundreds of likes and followers exceptionally and impeccably. 

Here are a few quick tips to follow and give a try too- 

  1. Know your objective – Understand your requirements. Why do you need your profile to be on social media? Is it for personal branding or to improve your business visibility online?  Based on the requirement type, let’s go ahead and design a social media marketing strategy for meaningful results. 


  1. Look real – Be it for personal or business branding, make sure you look genuine and real. There are a lot of ways of doing so. For instance – if you are running a manufacturing business, then record a quick video of how you process the products you deal in and share to gain the trust of your target audience. Audiences love to see “behind the scenes” content.


  1. Share with everyone! Let your entire network know about your updates and ask them to share it further. This may look tiresome, but once you start getting results out of it, you will love to share it with everyone in your contact list. 


  1. Engage with others…  The more you engage with people or your target audience on social media platforms, the more interaction you will witness on your page or profile. This is one of the easiest yet impactful ways to get into the limelight. Participate in social media debates, comments, like other pictures, etc. There is a lot you can do at the name of engagement. 
  2. Optimize your updates – Right from infusing keywords to using the right hashtags, optimization includes everything. For this, an SMM expert can assist you the best. 
  3. Use trending hashtags- Every day, a new hashtag trends on social media. Dig into the details and know about it and then use it in your updates. 
  4. Add social media icons to an email signature, blog, or website- Use clickable social media icons on your profiles to expand your profile or business page reach. 
  5. Prepare and follow a strategy- This all is possible with an impactful strategy. Make it with the help of an SMM expert. 

Be Social Media Platform Wise 

If we go by the number of active users, Facebook and Instagram are the most-preferred and used social media platforms. So, here are a few pro tips to improve your presence on these mediums. 

Facebook- One of the most-loved and accessed social media platforms, Facebook, has expanded its service and scope in a short span of time. Right from creating a business page for promotional activities to giving anyone access to creating communities, this platform offers an array of ways to take your marketing to a next-level. 

All you can do is, connect with relevant pages, join groups, communities, and start sharing your updates on these groups to get more likes and engagement on your posts. Initially, you may find it non-effective, but if you remain determined, you can witness positive results soon. 

Instagram- This platform is all about sharing the sassiest pictures and keep the caption as short as you can. To improve the quality of pictures, Instagram offers a series of exciting and exceptionally beautiful filters. Use them to make your picture look the best. On top of this, use the trending hashtags to increase the visibility of your updates and profile. 

How can CertifiedLikes Help You?

  1. We offer you sound advice to improve your update types 
  2. Get impressive ideas for your Instagram caption updates from our experts
  3. Get real followers and likes on your each post 
  4. We help you increase your social media engagement in a productive manner 
  5. Our experts help you get more and more likes, comments, and shares on your Instagram updates or YouTube videos 
  6. Improve your business branding on all social media platforms 

With over 25,000 satisfied clients and the trust of major brands and influencers, CertifiedLikes has one of the top social media growth teams in the industry. 

Our experts are easily reachable via chat or email, and likes or Instagram followers are available from just $1 with instant delivery, and satisfaction guaranteed. 

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