The Best Medicinal Mushrooms to Boost Immune System

Mushrooms are a whole load of healthy vibes. They are neither plants nor animals; they are a species of highly nutritious fungi. They provide quite a great deal of nutrients, and this is the more reason it is very disheartening that a lot of people are ignorant of the dense nutritional value that mushrooms offer. They are a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate food choice that can be used for cooking, and for medicinal purposes. Mushrooms are useful for fighting cancer, they contain high levels of antioxidant compounds that prevent some types of cancers. They also help with weight and inflammation, they are useful for cardio health, for repressing stress, and most prominent of all- immune boosting. The ability of mushroom for immune system boosting is as a result of the fact that it contains large amounts of polysaccharides in its cell walls. These polysaccharides interact with some fungal-polysaccharide receptors in the human body to help support the immune system.

There are different varieties of mushrooms and each is useful for different things. But one underlying health benefit that is common to all of them is immune system boosting.

Maitake is one of the several varieties of medicinal mushrooms. It helps dounce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. When it is in powdered form, it helps to increase the production of white blood cell and even improves its activities. Cordyceps is another variety. Its specialty is in interrupting RNA/DNA synthesis, and this is useful in combating viral-based infections, and even some cancers. Another option is Lion’s mane mushroom. It is useful in stimulating nerve growth factor (NGF) production. The highlight of the Turkey Tail mushroom is its disruption of sarcoma formation. It contains polysaccharide PSK and it is effective in increasing Natural Killer cells’ activity. Final but not least among the varieties we’ll be discussing in this piece is Chaga. Chaga can be considered best among the medicinal mushrooms that are useful in the boosting of immune systems.

Chaga mushroom is also called Inonotus obliquus. It grows mainly on the bark of birch trees especially in geographical areas with cold climates. Research has it that the best mushroom for immune system boosting, Chaga, has no rival when it comes to its load of antioxidants and melanin. It is also loaded with zinc. All of these constituents ensure its excellent job of boosting the immune system. This Mushroom for immune system boosting, Chaga, has been discovered since traditional times. An ancient Russian folklore even made mention of Chaga mushrooms, stating that it has the ability to treat various cancers. In Russia, and some other European countries, Chaga is used as a traditional medicine for boosting the immune system and their general health.

In some other context, this mushroom may be referred to as black mass, and sometimes as clinker polypore, birch canker polypore, cinder conk, or, the sterile conk trunk rot (of birch).

The mushroom for immune system boosting, Chaga, has a hard exterior that looks like burnt charcoal while on the interior, it has a soft core with an orange color. It is known to a wide range of health benefits. It not only supports the immune system, it also combats inflammation, helps reduce blood pressure, it lowers blood sugar, helps fight arthritis, and even reduces the rate of cancer progression. It is also useful in treating diabetes, and some heart diseases.

This mushroom for immune system boosting, Chaga, can be consumed raw, cooked, brewed into tea or even ground into powdered form. It even comes in capsule form as supplements. It is also possible to take Chaga alongside other variety of medicinal mushrooms. But then, due consultation needs to be made before the mixture is made, this is so as to ensure that the interaction of the different mushrooms will not have negative resultant effects. You can get the best of Chaga if it is used with hot or cold water.

All of the above-listed mushrooms are medicinal and they are the best in the clan. Best, among the best is Chaga; the king of immunity regulation!

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