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Why you should choose credit cards over debit cards

On the surface, both credit and debit cards are almost identical- both are plastic money, carry 16-digit card number, expiry date and PIN codes. The difference lies in the way they function. With debit cards, you use your own funds available in your bank accounts, but with credit cards you borrow money from a credit card company. Here, we decode wh

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#FinancialBytes: 5 features of debit-cum-credit cards you should know about

Credit cards and debit cards play an essential role in our lives and are among the most widely-used cashless payment methods because of the convenience they offer. The concept of debit-cum-credit cards, an innovative banking product that offers features of both debit and credit cards, has been gaining popularity over the recent years. Here are 5 fe

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Hackers can copy credit cards of online shoppers: Here's how

Just as technology improves, those who swear to break it also continue to evolve. We know hackers carry out phishing attacks, but now, a number of crooks have switched to a technique called formjacking. It is the virtual equivalent of putting a card skimming device on an ATM. Here are the details.

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