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How Apple's weird FaceTime bug can be used for spying

A weird bug has been detected in Apple's FaceTime service, one that can be used by bad actors for the purpose of spying. The vulnerability stems from FaceTime's group calling feature and allows anyone to listen in on you, even when you haven't picked up the call explicitly. Here's more.

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Flexgate: Here's all about this weird MacBook Pro issue

Multiple users have flagged a weird issue on some  Apple MacBook Pro models. The problem, dubbed 'flexgate', appears to be affecting the LCD displays of the notebooks, creating a stage lighting effect. Apple has not acknowledged the matter so far and its true scale also remains unknown. Here's more.

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Apple working with Sony on 3D cameras for iPhone XI

Apple is planning to attract the audience by offering improved photography features, industry-best biometric authentication, and more immersive AR content with the next-gen flagships. To achieve this, Apple is working with Sony to implement 3D cameras on the upcoming iPhones. Here are the details.

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