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Hunting Stewart Tartan Kilt is made from heavyweight Poly-Viscose with fringe on the apron and extra deep pleats. All pleats are individually sewn down to ensure that they stay sharp and crisp while you at work or attending some formal occasion. The Kilt has three heavy genuine cowhide leather straps that give the traditional scottish clothing an outstanding look and style. This Hunting Stewart Tartan Kilt is an ideal for a sports ball or simply as Fashion wear and above all if you are showing respect to your cultural pride. All our Tartan kilts are handmade and made to measure so you can order any size and length.

Shopping for clothing online seems somewhat of a gamble; there are many variables that go into online shopping that you don’t often have to worry about in a standard shop. Not being able to try things on is one of the biggest reasons that people feel that going into a shop. If you are looking for a kilt then Scottish Kilt Shop is the best place to buy a kilt , but in fact, there are many advantages to shopping online for your kilts instead of dragging yourself into town to find the best one. More Options Than Ever Oftentimes in brick and mortar kilt shops, there are only so many options available for you to look at being displayed on the shelves. Perhaps you have a certain kilt in mind, or you are curious to browse the massive selection of tartan and fabric patterns to find the best one for you; but, the limited selection of styles may leave you feeling underwhelmed. By shopping online, you have access to all of the different patterns available, so you can choose the one you are really after.

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