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Mass Watermark is a Photo Watermark Software that allows you to Watermark,Resize,Optimize and Upload Photos to Picasa/Flickr in a Single Workflow.

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Its common nowadays to sell Handmade Products online. Paintings, crafts, Jewellery etc are the major products that are sold online. You can set up your own website or use readily available services like Etsy to sell your work of art. An Online store can give you exposure to a large base of customers both local and overseas..

Photographs play the key role in presenting your work to potential customers. They see, judge and make the purchasing decision based on it. So it’s important to have good quality photographs showcasing your work. A Photograph that is posted online without any forms of protection can promote theft. People may use your photo to sell their work without your permission. In this process the customer might get cheated as they do not get what they have paid for.

Using your photograph without permission clearly violates Intellectual Property Rights and you can take several measures to bring them down. But this process takes a lot of time and effort .Most of the time it fails to produce positive results. Soits best to prevent theft rather than taking counter measures. If your Photos are already stolen take a look here-  What to do when your Photos are Stolen?

Watermarking Photos is the best way to prevent photo theft. It also acts as a branding and gives you online recognition as your Photo might show up in Google Image Search  when a user searches for a related term.

A Photo with a Watermark displaying your store name/logo can give you instant recognition. There are simple text watermarks that can be applied with any image editing software like MS paint, but paint does not support transparency and its quite hard to watermark images one by one. This is where you can use Mass Watermark. Mass Watermark is a Photo Watermark Software that can watermark 100s of photos in less than a minute. The software supports both Transparent Text and Image Watermarks. There are additional options like Bulk Resizing, Optimizing etc.

Using Mass Watermark you can easily prepare a batch of images that can be safely uploaded online without worrying about photo theft. The following Video Demonstrates how easy is to use Watermarking Software.

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