phone card for international calls

If you are looking for the best way to make prepaid international phone calls, EZ-CALLS offers a prepaid phone card for making international calls. With EZ-CALLS rates starting at only $1, our rates are not only very competitive, but also very economical. You can purchase EZ-CALLS phone card for international calls in bundles of $1, $10, and $15. EZ-CALLS has a simple easy to use online calculator to take the guesswork out of how many minutes you can make with your card, by simply entering your country and your calling destination. You will find our prepaid international phone card to be budget friendly and can be reloaded easily for making crystal clear international prepaid calls.

With EZ-CALLS, you can make a prepaid international phone call from the US, UK or from Canada. Our prepaid phone card for international calls do not charge a connection fee or a monthly fee, so you will know you are exactly what you are getting when you pay for it. The best thing about EZ-CALLS is that our minutes never expire, and they will be there for you until you use them, so you can always keep a card in your wallet or purse for when you need it. With an EZ-CALLS online account, you can checking how many minutes you have remaining, and easily reload your card. We also offer the easiest way to make an international phone call by setting up a pin-less entry with your online account. With EZ-CALLS we are always here for you.



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