On-demand delivery business opportunities: ideas, effective strategies, and the COVID-19 effect

Over the past decade, the on-demand economy has rapidly replaced the traditional business models by offering the users with faster speed, better convenience, and advanced security. According to the stats, the on-demand economy is the most talked-about term since it has completely transformed the way various businesses used to run.

Uber and Airbnb are credited for shaping the on-demand economy in the US. As per that stats almost 42% of the US citizens have used the on-demand services at least once. Moreover, as per the Harvard business Review, the on-demand economy is adding a staggering amount of 22.4 million users every year.
It’s also interesting to note that the on-demand economy has given birth to many business models and ideas which were earlier non-existent. On-demand delivery is one such model. In the absence of the on-demand economy, it was not viable to offer such services to the consumers. But nowadays, we see several on-demand services like food delivery, water delivery, gas delivery, grocery delivery, parcel delivery and many more.
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