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MPPS V21 read write PSG16 Opel Zafira 2.2

Have luck with PSG16 read and write by MPPS V21 cable.





read, write PSG16 connecting cables can

Opel Zafira 2.2


cables line can green, white sheathed, must be stripped

strand of cables next to battery

green cable can-h

white cable can-l

blue wire to green wire

orange cable to white cable

red to batt

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Digiprog3/Xprog/Carprog read&write Audi A4 eeprom HC12 mileage

Topic :how to use Digiprog3/Xprog/Carprog read&write Audi A4 eeprom HC12 mileage

Here you are:


copy the immo information from a cluster to another

make the mileage follow with the immo information



Audi a4 2001


Optional devices:

Digiprog3, or ecu programmers like Xprog, Carprog, UPA-U

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KTAG V7.020 Buying Guide, Red or Green PCB?

KTAG V7.020 red PCB is newly tested working great and released at a cheaper price. It shares as the same function (read & write ECU) as the green PCB.


Part 1: the difference

Version 1: KTAG V7.020 red PCB

ktag-7020-red pcb-02


Source: http://www.obd2eshop.com/wholesale/ktag-v7020-red-pcb-eu-online-version.html


Version 2: KTA

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Kess V2 and Galletto R/W Remap Mercedes W220 S500 ME 2.1

I’ve done a remap on a Mercedes-Benz W220 S500 10 days ago and it had a ME 2.1. I used Kess v2 clone and FgTech Galletto v54 do this ecu both over Diagnostic plug.


Reading is easy via OBD but it took almost a Hour to do, where writing takes 3 min approx. BUT you need to put the ECU into Programming mode manually, in the Kess manual says: Short

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How to reset/program Zafira PSG16: with Carprog?

How to reset/program Zafira PSG16: with Carprog? Opcom? Tech2+GlobalTIS?

Here is the how-to guide for you; a good discussion of Zafira PSG16 replacement and programming hIs it possible to install PSG16 ECU from vectra C to zafira and oppositely from zafira to vectra ?

Yes, it is possible to install from zafira to vectra and oppositely

Did you tr

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