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Foxwell NT520 (NT510) on BMW X5: Success!

I borrowed a friend’s BMW NT510 (now it has another new NT520, the same on BMW) to reset my wife’s X5 remaining mileage countdown after I refilled the DEF. I was really impressed with his Foxwell with all the options that were given for BMWs.

Here are screen shot pics that I found online of some of the BMW functions …

What can you do on BMW X5 with Foxwell NT520 (NT510)?


What can you do on BMW X5 with Foxwell NT520 (NT510)?


Hope it helps.

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E-sys PSdZData Lite 61.4 vs PSdZData Full for Esys

 Here you go the latest E-sys PSdZData Lite 61.4 vs PSdZData Full 61.4…



v61.4 PSdZData Lite download free: (not tested)


 v61.4 PSdZData Full download: (not tested)



E-Sys 3.28.1 Psdz

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K+DCAN cable reset BMW ELV, solve RED warning steering lock

HOW TO: Reset ELV counter, Steering lock RED warning... Personal experience for sharing.


1 year ago i received a RED warning on my dashboard after using my car for some days with a bad battery (ultra low voltage). The RED warning indicate that my ELV (Steering lock) was working bad, but my ELV was working well without problems.

inpa-EDIABAS-ToolSet32-reset-elv (1) inpa-EDIABAS-ToolSet32-reset-elv (2

So, what is

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VVDI Prog vs Smoke vs Xprog vs Dialprog

VVDI Prog, Smoke, Xprog, Dialprog, R280 plus programmers, etc. All can read and write bmw cas4 5m48h. But all can work perfect? Here, put the user reviews for reviews.


On a side note, BIG THANKS to all contributors.



Vvdi progworks 100%!

VVDI-Prog by Xhorse Compnay can read and write 5M48H


on VVDI Prog read 5M48H and common 8pin I

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