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BMW EDC17 done with KTAG Bootmode

I have the TPROT Level of this file from BMW X1 E84 10.2009.

I have attached Readout from kess ECU chip tunning.



Job done , with KTAG Bootmode and ONLY BOOTMODE.

some list save/dont touch by OBD:http://blog.obdexpress.co.uk/2019/03/11/bmw-edc17-done-wi

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How to setup Ktag software screen resolution

by obd2tools - Mar 27, 2018 - Ksuite KTAG ECU KTAG software

Ktag Ksuite screen resolution setup manual:


  1. Click on the Options button in the main window of the K-Suite software. 2. In the Size of the vehicle selection windows pane, select the window size that best suits your computer screen.




When possible, we recommend using 1024×768 resolution, to see better the pictures of c

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How to reset Ktag and Kess V2 ECU tuning tool

Here is how to reset Ktag and Kess v2 ecu programmer.

1.Download version ksuite 2.08 here

2.Buy new sd card 1gb-2gb and format in fat32 ussing this program

3.For kess use this cfg and 4 file

Copy on sd card 4 file and in ksuite 2.08 open folder update and copy update folder

Connect kess and wait for update all protocol

4. For ktag buy new sd

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