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Galletto V54 0475 is better than fgtech V54 0386: win7 works + more models

Why update FGTech Galletto V54 SN 0475 instead of old one with SN 0386?

  1. I just checked it and 0475 is Euro version, better one than the 0386, but it has different hardware compare to 0386 (Chinese).
  2. Reprogram to 0475 and then you can use better software and also windows 7/10 32/64 bit OS.
  3. 0475 works well with Windows 7/10 32/64 bit OS.
  4. All
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Fgtech Galletto v54 flash Bosch MG 7.9.8 (Pinout)

Here is how to use Fgtech 4 Galletto v54 to successfully read Bosch MG 7.9.8safely and quickly without desolder resistor, on Kia cars or Hyundai with automatic transmission.


Bosch MG 7.9.8:



This ECU is installed on Kia cars, Hyundai with automatic transmission. Operation with this computer is carried out using the boo

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Kess V2 and Galletto R/W Remap Mercedes W220 S500 ME 2.1

I’ve done a remap on a Mercedes-Benz W220 S500 10 days ago and it had a ME 2.1. I used Kess v2 clone and FgTech Galletto v54 do this ecu both over Diagnostic plug.


Reading is easy via OBD but it took almost a Hour to do, where writing takes 3 min approx. BUT you need to put the ECU into Programming mode manually, in the Kess manual says: Short

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