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Digiprog 3 clone Ferrari 458 odometer correction: success!

Tips and Guides: clone Digiprog 3 Ferrari 458 mileage correction


Possible to change km on Ferrari using Digiprog 3 clone?

I've done a 2010 458 by obd with digiprog.

2min. Done. Perfect

If it reads the correct old mileage you're good to go

Will try 458 with Digiprog 3. Your thoughts?

Once did a 458 with Digiprog 3.

Someone doubt that DP3 c

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Digiprog 3 OBD, what cars can & cannot do

by obd2tools - Jan 05, 2017 - Digiprog 3

Digiprog 3   is the best popular odometer correction programmer,Very pleased to work with almost models (incl. European, American and Asian cars).


Digiprog is the best handfs down low cost tool on the market I do everything from foreigns to domestics with it. Version 4.94 is good at its stability even with clone the software put into and the way

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