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(Fixed) BMW ICOM 2018.9 error “ISTA-P not found”

by obd2tools - Jun 19, 2019 - BMW ICOM OBDexpress.co.uk

Yesterday, my 2018.9 BMW ICOM got error "ISTA-P not found" shown as bellow.


Finally solved after using obdexpress.co.uk engineer's fixing file.

I uploaded on mega (no pass)



Just download it, save it and run it, then ICOM will run flawlessly.


Good day.



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How to check BMW ICOM firmware need update + how update it?

BMW ICOM A2 diagnostic interface failed to be connected, because the firmware is too old and need to upgrade it.


Firstly, you need to learn how to check BMW ICOM firmware need update.

bmw-icom-a2-firmware-update-02update the firmware of BMW ICOM Interface. You have no need to update it if it says FREE.Please read the above photo. It shows FIRMWARE in red frame, that mean

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E-sys PSdZData Lite 61.4 vs PSdZData Full for Esys

 Here you go the latest E-sys PSdZData Lite 61.4 vs PSdZData Full 61.4…



v61.4 PSdZData Lite download free: (not tested)


 v61.4 PSdZData Full download: (not tested)



E-Sys 3.28.1 Psdz

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