FAQ about Launch ICARSCAN

Q:I have an 08 GTS. Will Launch ICARSCAN work on my vehicle? How beneficial is it for me to have one other than resetting my “service now” light? I am new to this so please forgive my ignorance.

A:It will work on your vehicle. I can’t say how beneficial it would be for you – since I don’t know your DIY skill or desire level.

So – your choice. If

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How To Diagnose an Overheating Car


Carmakers torture test their creations to make sure they won’t overheat in almost every situation imaginable—from Death Valley to the northernmost reaches of Norway. But parts break over time, and one day you may find yourself roadside with a smoldering engine.

So what happened and what should you do about it?


The most common culprit i

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(Solved) Nexiq USB link with CAT ET connection error 149

I’m using a NEXIQ USB Link with CAT Caterpillar ET 2011b and I need some help with connection settings.

Solution 1:

you can only connect with Nexiq engines on setting siguiebnte is the way:

Run ET

Go to and look for the connection prefgerencias (RP1210 mechanism Approved)

Ok, you ready configured to work with the Nexiq.

Solution 2:

First use

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Digiprog 3 clone Test on VW Golf 6 Odometer Correction


OBD2TOOL engineer share a Digiprog 3 clone test case on VW Golf 6 2012 Mileage programming.

Here you go…. Digiprog 3 clone changes km of Golf 6 2012

the current mileage: 212099km


52-3 connect Mileage Correction Tool Digiprog 3 to the car via OBD

then the machine starts

select a car: VW-Golf-Golf 6-Tacho Diag 2012








DP3 is readi

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Is this same or old version of the icarscan?

It’s basically the same OBD-II Bluetooth device – but the software supplied with it is different – and the way it’s sold is different.

That one is without ANY vehicle/manufacturer specific diagnostics capability. As delivered it will do just OBD-II and some ABS diagnostics. Generic OBD-II. It won’t read the 30 or so modules in your Cayenne.


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CAR FANS C800 FAW J6 Truck Euro III Diagnostic Function Tested 100%

Tested successfully!

Today, we professionals working for chinacardiags.com have tested CARFANS C800 heavy duty truck diagnostic tool.

Here you go.

Faw J6 truck


Go to OBD II Scanner CAR FANS C800 FAW software


Select Faw J6


Engine system


Unit Pump Engine System

Euro III Unit Pump Diesel Engine


Oshiba Michiyoutsu Gas Drive FAW aut

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how to distinguish the original bmw icom A2 software and fake ICOM A2

BMW ICOM A2+B+C is the best diagnostic tool for BMW car. 1. Super version BMW ICOM A2+B+C is compatible with many kinds of computers. 2. Once insert hard disk into your computer it can automatically install. 3. No request on computer system, and no time limiation for use.

15-1 15-2

Q: Is it possible, that I change the Language? There Is only english

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How to Solve Vas5054a ODIS-E Error ODS8024E

Purpose: solve ODS8024E error in ODIS-Engineering 6.7.5 for 5054a head BY www.obd2tool.com

Hardware: OKI VAS5054A unit, firmware version 1.20.37 Software: ODIS-S 3.1.3…works perfectly ODIS-E 6.7.5…get an error when select a module for flashing

Operation system: running ODIS-E and ODIS-S natively on Windows 10 x64

Error message:

“ODS8024E Infras

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microPod II Configuration

1. On a PC with the wiTECH Application installed, connect the Micropod II with a USB cable and enter IP “” into the address bar of an Internet browser. 2. Select Wireless Settings in the menu on the left

3. Select New and enter the name of your profile that you are creating and select Ad

4. In the Security Settings field enter the Aut

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How to fix the CAT ET SIS error



This means you have communication error between your CAT II / III adapter and the CAT ET SiS software setup. Usually it is a simple fix.

– In the CAT software go to UTILITIES   =>   PREFERENCES   =>  COMMUNICATIONS – CHOOSE: CATERPILLAR COM ADAPTER II – CHOOSE under PORTS: COM 7 – Click “OK” – Restart the computer and usually that is all you

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