My 30-day World of Warcraft classic experience 1

My 30-day World of Warcraft classic experience 1




After a busy period of work, I was tired and finally took a break from the company for a month at home. With this month, I think maybe I can do what I like at home, now is the time to have a chance to experience World of Warcraft that I haven’t played for a long time!




During the rest of the month, I was at home playing crazy games I liked. I found that since I have not touched World of Warcraft for a long time, now World of Warcraft has some strangeness to me. In the Burning Crusade, I started to cut into the game and put all my energy into the wrath of the Lich King. The change of these versions constantly brings me fresh feelings and surprises. In the end, from the first level, I started to play World of Warcraft again. There is no heirloom, no experience improvement, only basic characters and a vast world can be explored.



To be practical, it was very difficult a few days before touching the game. My friendship decided to play the game on the least number of servers, but it still takes a long time for the player to enter the server during the peak period. This made me very unhappy, forcing me to create a new role on the RP server so that I could play the game somewhere. Once you log in, you’ll find hundreds of people running around you, performing the same tasks as you do to get more Classic WOW Gold and adding all the monsters you need to kill. . But I found that the efficiency of getting World of Warcraft Classic Gold in this way is really too low.


Later, I bought a lot of World of Warcraft gold at MMOWTS at a very low price. Due to the help of these golds, I was able to get more powerful equipment. In about a week, upgrading is very difficult. News reports about people lining up and other mobs to upgrade are real, although on most World of Warcraft servers, everyone is for themselves.



As a paladin, I visited Elwyn Forest and Westfall in detail before heading to the Redridge Mountains and Menethil. Soon I found out that these places still have a lot of meaning and went to more strange places. The freshness they brought me just surprised me.

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