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What Makes Desi Cow Milk Different and What are its Benefits?

Ever wondered what’s really the difference between Desi Cow Milk and regular milk? Why certain milk companies are now focusing on the health benefits of Organic A2 Milk in Pune for your family? Is it really worth the investment and what can you expect in return?

Regular Milk vs. Desi Cow Milk

Best A2 Milk in Pune comes from Desi cow breeds like Gir cows and Sahiwal. These are pure breed cows, traditionally from India. A number of milk companies that we’ve been drinking milk from, tend to use milk from foreign and hybrid cows like Holstein and Jersey. While they produce a large quantity of milk, the quality is hampered severely. These cows are injected with hormones and antibiotics, causing troubles to your health and well-being.

The milk is often difficult to digest, has a diluted mixture of A1 and A2 protein and poses increased risks of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and other ailments.

On the contrary, A2 Milk in Pune only contains pure A2 protein, it’s easy to digest, and has a lot of calcium, vitamins, and minerals, too.

Mr. Milk’s Desi Cow Milk

Looking for the best A2 Milk Benefits in town? Subscribe to Mr. Milk and change the way you drink your milk every day. Instead of drinking the packet A1 milk that comes from foreign cows, why not drink pure and natural milk from our own Indian cows?




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