Medical tape measure

Medical tape measure is a useful tool to measure your body size. Mid arm circumference tape is a insertion tape for measuring mid upper arm circumference to assess malnutrition. It can also be used for pregnant women and adults in development situations (including HIV/AIDS) and famine situations. This tape is made from from durable polyart plastic, which is flexible and washable.

Head circumference measuring tape is perfect for measuring babies’ heads. It is made from soft material and won’t cause discomfort to the baby. It has many specifications and you can chose according to your needs. In addition, it is also a good choice for government projects !

Wound measuring guide is a flexible tape measure features inches on one side and centimeters on the other and it is perfect for measuring patient’s wound.

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Founded in 1998, China Wintape Co.,Ltd is the leading manufacturer of tape measures in China. We are specialized in producing and supplying tailor tape measure, steel tape measure, paper tape, animal weight tape measure, body measuring tape, retractable measuring tape, diameter tape measure, laser tape measure, measuring wheel, steel tape measure raw material, badge reel, spirit level, belt clip. Custom printed tape measure are our strengths.<a href="">Medical tape measure</a> is used for precise body measurements. Knowing your waist measurement is useful for various reasons including health assessments and fitting clothes. Taking your waist measurement is easy when done the right way. With only a soft measuring tape and some know-how, you'll be set with accurate measurements in no time. Medical tape measure can be divided to three tapes: MUAC tape, <a href="">Wound measuring ruler</a> and Medical Measuring Tape. Wound measuring ruler is perfect for documentation used in photos of wounds. It is used to determine length, width, and depth. And wound measuring ruler includes wound measure tape, wound measurement ruler, wound measuring bullseye and so on. <a href="">Wound measure tape</a> is made from 250g Art Paper for greater durability. <a href="">Wound measurement ruler</a> has non-Glare surface. Adhesive is both high-tack and decals are removable without residue. <a href="">Wound measuring bullseye</a> use scentimeters and millimeters to document wound dimensions. <a href="">Mid arm circumference tape</a> is a insertion tape for measuring mid upper arm circumference to assess malnutrition. <a href="">Head circumference measuring tape</a> is perfect for measuring babies' heads. <a href="">Wound measuring guide</a> is a flexible tape measure features inches on one side and centimeters on the other.Body tape measure can help you be set with accurate measurements in no time. It includes growth ruler, body measuring tape, BMI tape measure, body fat caliper and so on. We provided <a href="">best body tape measure</a>. It is soft and accurate and has functions of health assessments and fitting clothes. <a href="">BMI tape measure</a> is simple, practical, and may reflect systemic overweight and obesity, which can help to avoid heart disease, hypertension and other risk. <a href="">Body fat tape measure</a> helps to measure your size, check your progress if you are on diet. <a href="">Weight loss measuring tape</a> is a specially designed tape measure suitable for the self-assessment of girth or circumference measurements of any body part, including the arm, thigh, calf, chest, waist, hips. <a href="">Fat measurement caliper</a> is accurate, reliable, private, and easy to use. And best skinfold calipers can measure your own body fat easily and accurately!We also provide paper tape measure. For example, <a href="">wound measurement tool</a> is one kind of paper tape measure. It has centimeters labeled on one side and inches on the other for added convenience.
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