Matters needing attention when processing titanium bolts

 forge titanium ring is difficult to process materials, poor thermal conductivity, easy to stick with tools, there is a strong notch sensitivity, will produce a strong work hardening during the rolling process. In actual production, there are a series of problems in the rolling of full teeth.
First, after the full tooth shape squeezes the gap between the two rolling wheels, if the rolling wheel continues to roll, the blank material has no place to flow, and it can only be squeezed back and forth between the rolling wheels Pressure, resulting in higher surface hardening of the thread. When the hardening exceeds the tensile limit of the material, a crack is generated. The side and bottom of the thread are hardened most, so the crack is generated;
Secondly, during full squeezing, each tooth of the rolling wheel participating in rolling is also affected by a strong cyclic load, and the energy of rolling also acts on the rolling wheel, causing its life to be seriously reduced. In production, each pair of thread rolling wheels can only roll 3000-5000 pieces of titanium u bolt, which causes the crest of the tooth crest, and the thread rolling wheel can no longer be used. The cost is extremely expensive. In addition, the crest of the thread rolling wheel is broken. There is a forming process that prevents the producer from judging the qualification of the rolled thread, that is, when the rolled thread is qualified and when the rolled thread is unqualified;
Third, during the process of titanium block to form a thread, the two sides rise fastest. It is bound to produce a fold in the crest of the tooth when the thread is full. There is a fluorescent display trace on the crest of the thread during flaw detection. In order to determine the maximum defect depth, anatomy is also required. The method can determine whether the defects here exceed the standard; Fourth, modern fastener connection joints have a higher fatigue life, have higher precision requirements for bolt holes, and do not allow hole wall damage during installation. The titanium rivet thread crest is very easy to damage the hole wall. In short, the full thread profile brings great trouble to the production, which not only increases the chance of cracks, reduces the fatigue life of the parts, but also reduces the service life of the rolling wheel, and brings unnecessary trouble to the inspection. It is easy to damage the wall of the hole, so it is imperative to correct the large diameter of the thread of the titanium alloy fastener.

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