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Should You Buy Kratom Online or Offline

The most common question that haunts the mind of any Kratom-lover is whether he should buy Kratom online or offline. When it comes to making an online purchase, you are surrounded with several doubts and questions.  

 Online or Offline: Which One Is Better?

Both the sources have their own advantages. So, does the Kratom lovers. Hence, it is purel

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Get 100% Pure Kratom: Is It Possible?


In today’s date, there are several kratom vendors available in the market to claim to be the best. One may find many vendors selling kratom and other things at your local smoke shops. Well, the question is whether these kratom products are genuine or not.  In this blog, we are going to focus on such issues and tell you where you can find the

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Are We Forgetting About Maeng Da Kratom?

  Try the Best Maeng Da Kratom in the Market

Krave Botanicals bring you the best kratom strains in the industry. They got a professional team of experts who acquires the best mature leaves of the Maeng Da kratom plants for the manufacturing process. Then, the leaves are cleaned and dried before putting them into a grinder. Once powdered, it i

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Pros and  Cons of Kratom Powder

 Pros and Cons of Kratom Powder

Before you jump onto ordering kratom powder for yourself, we would like to share a crisp comparison of its pros and cons. Let’s get started now:


  1. It extends the shelf life of the kratom leaves.
  2. It is convenient and handy.
  3. It is not time-consuming.
  4. It is easy to transport.
  5. Ideal for new kratom lovers.
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Krave Kratom Gold Overview

Creating Krave Kratom Products from These Leaves

Now, coming to how Krave Botanicals prepare their products; a group of kratom-educated people handpicks the leaves ensuring that there is no other strain mixed in.

Krave Kratom Gold

Every vendor has his own secret recipe of Gold kratom while some use a different dehydration method, Krave Botanica

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Green Malay or White Thai: Which Kratom Is Better?




As the name suggests it, it originates in the jungles of Malaysia. Locally, it is identified as ‘Keetum.’ The Malay kratom trees have a natural oval-shaped leaf. They are known to have a very high density of biochemical compound content.

For this reason, the leaves are dark green in the shade. The Malay kratom

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New Craze in the Kratom World: It’s Trainwreck!

Today, we have numerous strains like Bali, Borneo, Indo, Thai, Malay, Maeng Da and so on. However, there are many more strains that are formulated under the supervision of Kratom manufacturers. Today, we are going to illuminate one such strain that has been recently introduced and in no time, it has created a stir in the Kratom community. It is non

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Gold kratom: 100% Pure Kratom Powder and Capsules

    Gold Kratom Powder

Either the vendor treats the kratom leaves uniquely to create a powder or combines powder of some different strains to prepare an exclusive strain which is gold kratom. Mind it, the strain has already been tried and tested earlier and made sure all the kratom batches are similar in every way. So, there is a consistency

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what is Maeng Da Kratom?

All That You Need to Know About Maeng Da Kratom

Do you love kratom? Are you interested in trying out some of the best quality kratom strains? If yes, then this post is just for you. Many of us must have heard the term Maeng Da but not aware of what it means and what it is exactly. Don’t worry, we will be telling you everything that you really need

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Kratom 2018 -Year In Review

  • Now Bali Is the Only Kratom Strain We Have. When we first came to know about kratom, there was only one kind of kratom – Bali. It was so popular that people when talked about kratom they used to refer to Bali Kratom only. 
  • Kratom Is Gaining Huge Popularity. With the growth of the export and import business, there has been a steady growth in the
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