Kravekratom powder and Capsules

Which One Is More Popular: Kratom Liquid or Kratom Powder?

 In this post, we are going to  check which one (kratom liquid or kratom powder) is more popular among the kratom community and why.

Let us not waste time talking about trivial things and get started with the assessment.


  • Kratom Powder


The powder was the first form that people invented to increase its life. Since then it has been q

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Kratom Buyers' Guide: Capsules vs Powder

Kratom Powder

Before we identify the upside and the downside of the form, let's probe a little into its manufacturing process. There is a group of people who are trained to distinguish between the different strains and veins who handpick the good, newly matured leaves. The leaves are then sent to the manufacturing unit where they are thoroughly wa

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Kratom Powder: Weighing Its Pros and Cons

by kravenkratom - Oct 29, 2018 - health powder

Everything has both a good and a bad side so does kratom powder. Today, we are going to assess all its benefits and downsides in this post so you can access the product better before buying it. However, before starting, we will take you a little back and share how this powdered form of kratom came into existence and how the best quality kratom powd

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Krave Kratom Powder: All That You Need to Know


The leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa are brought into their manufacturing units where they are again checked for bad or over-matured leaves, stems and dust to remove dust particles. After sieving them to remove the excess water, they are spread on large dehydrating trays and dried. Once they are dry and crisp, they are powdered into fine dust, sieve

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Krave Kratom Capsules Overview


Krave Kratom Capsules: Variants

Krave Botanicals has a fascinating line of kratom strains that you can enjoy in capsule forms:

  • Krave Kratom Bali Capsules. Bali kratom is the most popular and versatile strain of all. It got its origin in the woodlands of Borneo.
  • Krave Kratom MaengDa Capsules. MaengDa meaning pimp-grade is the second leading
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Which Are The Best Strains of Kratom Today?


How Do The Strains Vary?

Kratom is mainly differentiated from the locations than their vein colors. Then the kratom variants can be further categorized considering their vein colors like Red, Green and White Vein Kratom. These strains not only differ in their vein color but also in their biochemical compositions.

There are many strains in the

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Kratom Strains: Different Types of Kratom

Kratom comes from the leaves of Kratom plants which belong to the coffee family. They are also known as Mitragyna Speciosa. They have a specific tropical climate and topographical requirement.

Different Strains of Kratom

Several strains of Kratom depend on the origin of the plants and the color of the vein. They are primarily of three vein color

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How to Make Kratom Powder?

by kravenkratom - Jul 19, 2018 - Kratom Powder

Kratom doesn't come in the powder form that you get from the shops. It is prepared by drying the leaves and then grounding them. Crushing the dried leaves may sound easy. Right? Well, it looks simple and easy, but it's not. It is a lengthy process that needs much more than grinding machines. It requires human effort, eyes for quality to ensure that

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