Jim Corbett Nainital Park.

Corbett national park is well known for its unbeatable beauty and rich wild life everyone wants to visit corbett national park and  have a glimpse of Corbett  keep this thing in mind the  government of  India divided Corbett national  park in 5 eco friendly zones and 1 buffer zone and in every  zone safaris are allowed  to explore the wild life, right now in corbett Jeep safari, Camel Safari and canter Safaris are here camel for outside of forest and jeep and canter for inside of Corbett national park.

Among all the safari options in Jim Corbett Park, jeep safaris are the most popular and best way to explore the Corbett national park. Conducted twice in a day b y Corbett administration, these safaris are allowed throughout all the buffer zones of the park and allotted in a group of 25-30 jeeps at one time; depending on the zone. Compared to the canters, as these vehicles are smaller in size, they take you some of the core areas that are inaccessible by the canters. Though smaller in size, they promise you an extremely enthralling and exciting jungle or wildlife safari within the park.

Keeping you close to the wilderness of the national park, jeeps take you to some of the hidden corners of the jungles that are quite often visited by the majestic Bengal Tigers and other wild predators. They are in fact the best option to embark on a tiger trekking trail within the park.

With the jeep safaris, you can also embark on exciting sightseeing tours around the park. Sitabani Buffer Zone that does not come under the recommended zones of the park, is also one of the most popular sites for jeep safaris. Owing to its tranquil and serene ambience, visitors can make it this zone and spend some of the pleasant and blissful moments with the Mother Nature in Sitabani.


Summers: Like the canter safaris, jeep safaris during the summer starts at around 06:00 in the morning and continues till 09:00 in the morning. The next batch of jeeps is allowed into the jungles between 03:00 – 06:00PM.

Winters: Keeping in mind about the visibility constraint during the winters, the first batch of jeeps is allowed between 07:00 to 10:00 in the morning. Following this, the second batch starts at around 02:00PM and continues till 05:00 in the evening.

Zones:  Jeep safaris are allowed to all the four different zones of the park. However, the number of jeeps allowed might vary according to the Forest Permit.

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