iPhone Battery Replacement

Is your iPhone not charging?

Well, this might be because of the faulty or drained out battery. Bring your iPhone to FIXPOD. Our professionals would check the status of the battery and have it replaced. A phone without a battery is of no use. It’s obvious that a back-up of a year old phone would never be the same as the new one. With the use and constant charging and discharging process, the life of the battery comes to an end. There will be a point in time when the battery will never respond to any type of charging making your phone dead. This is the breaking point where you have to get your battery replaced. Our professionals from FIXPOD suggest opting for iPhone battery replacement service as soon as you sense that the back-up has gone considerably low.


With so many competitors in the market, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to catering the best professional battery replacement. Our high quality batteries has built in Texas Instrument battery controllers and are professionally installed, making sure the entire process is smooth and drama-free. At our service center, you would get the value for the service you have been looking for.

Get in touch with us for battery replacement. We have the battery for all types of iPhone models.

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