Introduction with headless Shopify

Nowadays, eCommerce becomes one of the fastest-growing industries. Today, Customers are getting more habitual about buying products online. That’s why many companies decided to make their online stores increase their sales. Most of the eCommerce stores have to constantly work for innovations and meet modern customers demands.

One of the best ways to doing so for eCommerce development is to move away from the traditional eCommerce to Headless eCommerce system with performance and better SEO. Here, we are going to explain to you everything about Headless Shopify.

Headless Shopify

As we all know that, every website is built from two components; first is the front end and second one is back end. The front-end is everything about the user experience and designing while the back-end is handled some admin activities like product management, order management, etc.

Headless Shopify is separate your front end and back end shopify store. So, headless Shopify use different frameworks and technologies for front-end shopify store like ReactJS, GatsbyJS, etc.

Work flow of Headless

The Headless architecture contains two layers.

  1. Presentation layer
  2. Back-end layer

Both of these layer communicate with the help of APIs. It’s possible to allow communication between front-end and back-end with the use of third party tools and services.

Presentation Layer :

The presentation layers have Mobile applications, IoT devices, websites, etc. If you made any changes in presentation layer will not affect to the back end. There are many ways to deliver the best conversion rates and user experience with the help of different technologies with best strategies.

Back-end Layer

Back end layer available at where the business system lives. In the headless Shopify, the back end layer might includes payments, order, product catalogues, etc. The Headless CMS is good to manage product pages and landing pages, blogs, etc.

Traditional vs Headless eCommerce

In traditional eCommerce front-end and back-end are bounded with each-other, the system bounded existing designing and the database. In traditional eCommerce if you want to make changes to website’s design then you also need to update the database and code both. Every small changes will be time-consuming in traditional eCommerce.

When you are using the Headless eCommerce, the front-end design can be change without made any changes in the database. This will gives developers flexibility and freedom to modify coding and design.

Advantages with Headless


From the time when front-end is separated from shopify it’s easy to optimize and test a headless system. This will allow you to test different designing, website templates, integrations, etc. You can change in your UI and designing as per the client’s requirements without made any changes in back-end coding and also database.

Better SEO

Headless system provides you full control over the SEO. You can set manually urls and meta descriptions as per your keywords and SEO requirements. Headless system provides you faster and clear browser based experience by creating an app-like experience. Improvement of front-end performance is a most impacted SEO factor.

Faster tome to Market

Headless system solved the problems of finding the front-end and back-end developers that can able to work together. That’s why, customer facing work can be done separately. This is the mean to faster time to market.


Headless eCommerce system mostly built on APIs. So, you are able to integrate some other systems also like CMS, CRM, Marketing Tools, etc. It allows you to advantage to use single plugins without any need to update them to security and integration issues.


Going with Headless is one and the best option for eCommerce platform. Headless offers you many of the benefits from an amazing website performance and SEO to easier development. It meets your needs and provides you with better design, user experience and functionalities that your store needs. If you are looking for the help with your Headless Shopify Development, contact our experts. We are one of the best Shopify Development Company that have been served many eCommerce solutions to various clients around the globe as per their business requirements.

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