Global Support Services Redefined!

Operational Support

Focus on your core competencies and delegate your operational support functions to IdeasUnlimited, Global Support Services Provider, to significantly lower overhead costs and increase productivity.

We can take care of:

  • Account Management
  • HR Admin
  • Recruitment
  • Finance & Accounting

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Healthcare Call Center Services

IdeasUnlimited is your one-stop solution for healthcare call center services. Our range of services includes medical administrative support, receptionist service, medical billing and payment management, medical translation and much more. We offer our services in all major languages of the world. Visit our website for more information.

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Operations Support Services

IdeasUnlimited offers streamlined solutions to both startups and established businesses through operational support services that help them bring down overhead costs significantly. Our team comprises of workers in our physical centers and remote workers, which allows you to scale up and down freely as per your requirements. Visit the website for mo

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Bilingual Legal Assistant - IdeasUnlimited

Cross geographical barriers and enter the global marketplace with multilingual support services from IdeasUnlimited. Hire experienced bilingual legal assistant, medical assistant, real estate assistant, and other virtual assistants to make your business more efficient and profitable. Visit the website to listen to our candidates’ profile recordings

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Multilingual Virtual Assistant - IdeasUnlimited

A multilingual virtual assistant can help businesses manage the various aspects that are vital for its growth such as customer support, database and correspondence management, carrying out routine administrative tasks and quotidian management activities, and even providing multilingual translation and transcription services.

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