How to unlock the new race of World of Warcraft – Vulpera (2)

How to unlock the new race of World of Warcraft – Vulpera (2)



After the players complete these tasks, all that remains is to wait for the 8.3 version to go live, complete a few easy development tasks, you will get the “Allied Races: Vulpera” achievement, and you can immediately create a Vulpera character for the Horde. Doing so will also unlock the new Caravan Hyena mount, which you can use on any tribal character.



Vulpera race ability and role selection

Like all races, aliens have multiple racial abilities. These racial abilities will slightly affect their game style.

And the right spells.

The vulpera can be applied to the following roles










The racial characteristics of The vulpera are:

Skill Pack: Use techniques for the enemy to destroy the opponent’s camp, or use allies to attack them.

Establish camp: Set the campsite outdoors.

Return to camp: Set the camp location outdoors.

Damage Immunity: The first hit by the enemy can reduce damage.

Immune Fire Attribute: Reduces the damage the Fire deals to itself.

Growth bonus: Add 5% of Classic WOW Gold at the end of the game.



Vulpera custom options, dance and traditional armor

Like any race, if you don’t use any special method to quickly upgrade Vulpera’s level from the initial 20 to 120, vulpera has a variety of unique customization options, including dance expressions, interesting lines. And a special Heritage Armor. Visit to buy more World of Warcraft gold at a low price to help you grow faster in the game.

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