Pinterest is one of the easiest way to share your images to broader audience and make them popular. This will also help to drive more traffic to your weebly site from interset users. Did you any time wonder how people add Pinterest sharing button visible on mouse hovering on all images on a page is pinterest button not working. Now any time added on that page will have a pinterest button visible on hover.This includes the images uploaded using image, slideshow and gallery element. Users with multiple Pinterest images often notice Pinterest button not working. Due to which some images are missing when you click to save an image to one of your boards.

Solutions for the issue Pinterest button not working

Try to change the order of images, change the size, add-remove or change some codes. Try following fixes:


Make sure, you create a static placeholder image that is about 1×1 pixels in size.

  • You can duplicate this placeholder based on the number of unique pins that you have on a single page.
  • Now rename each one of them according to you.
  • Put these placeholders as the src= value in the code.
  • Remove any code for display: none
  • Put height=”0” width=”0” instead.

Do you use multiple Pinterest images to promote a blog post or page? Have you ever noticed your website’s Pinterest button not working as some images are missing when you click to save an image to one of your boards?

If so, then this post will interest you! As I had a similar issue with my Pinterest button not working. Which I had to figure out what was the cause on my own website. Dial Toll-Free: +1-866-558-4555.

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