How to Fix Hey Google Command Not Working?

How can I solve not working  Hey Google Command?

Google Voice command is one of the most useful methods which facilitates Voice search query and used by many people in the world.

Some users face hey Google voice command is not working issue which affects the voice search feature of Google.

How to fix hey Google command not working problem?

You can easily resolve the hey google unresponsive issue by using the following methods.

  • Enable the voice settings. You should enable the android device to respond to the voice command with this process Google app > Settings > Voice > Voice Match > enable the Hey Google command.

  • Check the language settings. Using voice search feature with any other language can hamper the working of the voice command and should be corrected by visiting the voice language section.

  • Update the Google Assistant app. You should always keep the Google Assistant app updated for removing any bug and enjoying the new features.

  • Train the voice search model again. You can also retrain the Google assistant app for acting on your voice with this process Google app > Settings > Voice > Retrain Voice Model.

In addition to this, you should also check & rectify any error in the microphone of the device you are using.

On facing any problem in rectifying the Hey Google not working issue, connect with the customer service of Google to gain more information.

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