This particular error message can appear on your computer screen at any given time while working on Firefox. The frequent arrival of this issue also disrupts the function in total and users are unable to work properly on their system. Thus, in order to make it workable, you will first need to restart Firefox. Also, check the number of times that you are attempting this step. Before you head on to the relevant solutions, make sure to take proper notice of the plug-in container. This will basically allow you to come up with a wise decision on the query on how to get rid of the Firefox Plugin container crashes.
Many times, Firefox users face the issue of Firefox has stopped working but other Web browsers are working normally. In this condition, Firefox also shows a Server not found or Unable to connect error message. There may be other error messages also displaying whenever you try to view websites using Firefox.
If you were loading websites normally before updating Firefox or until you have updated Internet security software, it is a possibility that your Internet security software is preventing Firefox from working properly. Make sure your Internet security software is up-to-date. Remove Firefox from the list of your recognized programs and add it back. Follow the instructions on how to configure programs and check the configure firewalls so the Firefox can easily access the Internet. Dial Toll-Free: +1-866-558-4555.

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