How to Encourage Our Kids to Speak Better? – 2nd tip

A bit of encouragement to begin

Your kid may not be the sort of person who is at ease while speaking to others or to an audience. The best thing that you can do in such a situation is to encourage him/her. Let your kids know that they need to be more confident and comfortable while speaking. What is the main reason for the reluctance towards speaking? It is the fear that you will somehow mess it all up. Give your children the support that they need and tell them that it is perfectly fine to commit errors while speaking.

Take care that you don’t damage your child’s confidence. Damaging your kid’s confidence has the potential to turn into an everlasting scar in his/her life. When your kids make errors while speaking do not tease them or be unnecessarily harsh on them. You should be accommodative of their errors and try to correct them without hurting their confidence. Encourage them even when they make mistakes, for only then will they learn.

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