How to Download Alexa App for Echo and Alexa Setup?

Alexa device is a smart speaker, you can do many things with this Like you can hear new and old songs, weather updates, news, read your books and Also you can control your house smartly. Alexa can hear because it has installed seven microphones that are installed invoice from any corner of your room.

Power Up


First of all, you just need a power plug if the power plug is in the corner that is best. After that, you just plug the power cable in the back of the echo device. After that, it shows a blue light ring that will be spin one or two minutes. Then Alexa will greet you and let you know how to complete the setup with the Alexa App.

How to Download Alexa App For Alexa Setup?

After all this process you need to Download Alexa App for Android from the Google Play store if you have an Apple device then go to the app store and You can directly download the Amazon Alexa app from Otherwise, you can visit your device play store/app store then download it and install Amazon Alexa App then you can open it.

Sign in and Sign up Alexa App

When you have opened the Alexa app then you need to sign in Alexa App with Amazon account. if you are doing the first time then you need to sign up Amazon Account from the amazon site or You can visit and sign up from the website directly. But if you have already an Amazon account then insert your amazon id in Alexa App. After that, you can do Alexa Setup.

How to Connect the Alexa to the device

Now open the Alexa App then click on Alexa App settings options. After that, you will go to be adding an echo dot in the bottom right-hand corner. Click on the option. Then click search for devices nearby. Then you will get the list of all the nearby Alexa Echo devices and choose your device from the list then Connect to it.

Once Echo Dot Setup completed then you need to Wi-fi connection to choose ‘Connect to Wi-fi connection select ‘Connect to Wi-Fi’ option from the next page to continue the Echo Dot setup process and get online first, the Alexa devices will ask you to check if the device is displaying an orange ring light then you will go to the next steps.

  1. Now, open the Alexa app on your Smartphone or PC settings menu.
  2. Click on devices.
  3. Select your devices then click on the connect to the WiFi option.

Switch on Wi-Fi, then select an Alexa device from the list. After this, open the Alexa app. The Alexa app should say connected to the echo. Tap ‘continue’ then select your device from the list and insert your wifi password. Type the password in Alexa. Tap connect in the Alexa app.

It might take some time depending on your wifi speed. After that, you will be able to go to in settings menu. Now the device should be online and the devices ring light should go off Name your device. Now you can enjoy your Echo Devices in various ways.

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if you are searching related Alexa App For Echo setup, Alexa Dot Setup, Alexa Setup, and Download Alexa App. Then you can do the following steps. First of all, Download Alexa App From your device app store After that, you need to Amazon id This is mandatory for Echo Dot Setup and Amazon Alexa Setup now inserts your id in Alexa App. Post this, you can setup your Echo Dot device. Once complete all the process then you can enjoy it in many ways. if you face any problem when you do all process then you visit here.
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